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  1. We are a professional Display Rack manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Also we supply OEM service of products for you.
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Display cases US$ 80-100piece

1,Item NO.: A043-1
2,Dimension: 30cm*30cm*85cm
3, aluminum frame, transparent glass side, rotatable glass shelves (3rpm)

Showcase US$ 60-90piece

Show case
1,Item NO.: A513
2,Dimension: 30cm*30cm*85cm
3,rotatable and adjustable shelves, two light, lockable hinge door

Display showcase US$ 80-100piece

1,Item NO.: A043-2
2, Dimension: 30cm*30cm*85cm
3,aluminum frame, transparent glass side, rotatable glass shelves (3rpm)

Showcase US$ 80-100piece

1,Item NO.: A513
2, Dimension: 30cm*30cm*85cm
3,rotatable and adjustable shelves,two light, lockable hinge door

Glass display showcase US$ 80-100piece

1,Item NO.: A043
2, Dimension: 30cm*30cm*85cm
3,aluminum frame, transparent glass side, rotatable glass shelves (3rpm)

Display counter US$ 70-90piece

Display counter
1,Item NO.: A040-1
2, Dimension: 100cm*50cm*90cm
3,glass show area with lockable glass sliding door

jewelry display rack US$ 130-160piece

Glass display rack
1,Item NO.: A033
2,Dimension: 100cm*35cm*220cm
3, ground glass channel backboard,

Display showcase US$ 130-180piece

1,Item NO.: A017-2
2, Dimension: 90cm*36cm*180cm
3,adjustable glass shelves,lockable glass shelves

Display tower US$ 100-120piece

Glass display tower
1,glass showcase
2,Item NO.: A010
3, Size: 35*35*160cm
4,aluminum frame, lockable glasshinge door

Tower display showcase US$ 120-150piece

Glass showcase
1,Item: A001
2,Size: 53*53*200CM
3,aluminum frame, transparent glass, rotatable glass shelves,lockable door

Showcase US$ 110-130piece

1,Item NO.: A011
2,Size: 63cm*63cm*190cm
3, aluminum frame,three adjustable shelves, 5 light, lockable glass door

Display cabinet US$ 100-150piece

1,Display cabinet
2,Item NO.: A009
3,Size: 85*35*200cm
4,aluminum frame,slatwall backboard, MDF storage, lockable glass door

Display rack US$ 100-130piece

1,Item NO.: A007
2, Size: 93cm*40cm*200cm
3,aluminum frame, iron orifice backboard, 2 light at top, MDF storage area

Display cabinet US$ 100-150piece

Display cabinet
1)Item NO.: A006
2)Dimension: 100cm*35cm*200cm
3)aluminum frame,adjustable glass shelves,mirrior backboard

Rotating showcase US$ 100-150piece

Retail showcase
1)Item NO.: A002
2)Dimension: 40cm*40cm*180cm
3)aluminum frame, rotatable glass shelves (3 rpm), four light

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