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Why lots of clients need agent in China?

From:NEWS Update Time:10-18-2018

Why lots of clients need agent in China?

1. Agents are more familiar with local market.
2. An effective way to cut costs and hidden costs.
3. No language barrier.
4. Products are customized by agent.
5. Services are customized by agent.
6. More efficient and flexible than factories.
7. Prices are verified at all ranges (with more than one factory).
8. Small quantity with urgent L/T could also be acceptable for agent, not for factory.
9. Payment terms are flexible.
10. Prices can be negotiable.
11. Agent would like to arrange their clients' accommodation in China.
12. Clients could ask agents to purchase for them.
13. Agents supply one-step services.
14. Agents are licensed and products could be assured.
15. Chinese government encourages small-medium sized companies like agents.
16. Preferential policies when dealing with agents.
17. Agents are more experienced in world market.
18. Agents have more than one factory.
19. With agents accompanied, purchasing is more time-saving.
20. Agents could have better suggestion more than just receive orders

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