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Yiwu Agent Service-What is the meaning of agent service?

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Yiwu Agent Service-What is the meaning of agent service?

Issue Time:2013-03-31

What is the meaning of agent service?

General speaking, agent service here has a local feature, which is different from the common agent service we mentioned. We supply one stop solutions service which means taking you to visit China wholesale market and factories, helping you to source products, checking the price, translating for you, placing the order to the suppliers, controlling the quality, collecting the goods to our warehouse, inspecting the goods, loading and exporting the container to your port.

To put it into a nutshell, our agent services include: Price Checking Agent, Sourcing Agent, Purchasing Agent, Quality Controlling Agent, Warehousing and Packing Agent, Exporting & Shipping Agent, Interpreting Agent, Travelling Agent.

Aims to help our customers to be stronger, we could do all those things for you according to your request, whether you are in China or not.