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Yiwu Warehousing and Packing Agent Services

Yiwu Warehousing and Packing Agent Services

Issue Time:2013-03-31

Warehousing and Packing Agent(Yiwu, Guangzhou and China other cities)

Many clients prefer mix different models in the container to check the market, and catch more customers. And maybe the products are from tens of suppliers and they delivery goods in different time. We should collect the goods in our warehouse. And calculate the CBM (cubic meters), when the goods are enough for one container, we will load them.

But warehouse cost is not cheap in China, so Choosing www.cnyiwucommodity.com  can enjoy free warehouse costs, if our warehouse can not hold all the products, we also can help you find the cheap warehouse.

At the same time, if we find the carton is not so strong, we will re-pack them and strengthen them

Jack Wang (G.Manager)

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