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Yiwu Sourcing Commission Agent

Yiwu Sourcing Commission Agent

Issue Time:2013-03-31

Yiwu Sourcing Commission Agent 

How to choose a reliable export agent in yiwu?

There are a lot of export agent companies in Yiwu. But it is not so easy to find a reliable export agent in yiwu.

There are a lot of “one boss + 0 employee” companies or “mom-and-pop + 0 employee” companies. But they always say they are No.1, top3, leading, professional, outstanding, top notch, best, Yiwu Agent. And some companies say they are the most bestest!

Before you choosing the right agent, please check:
1) How many employees?
0 or 2~9 or 10~19 or 20~49 or 50~99 or 100+? You’d better come to their office to have a meeting with them and talk with their staff, so that you can know the real number of their employees.

2) How big is the office?
No office (Disposable office) or 20 square meter or 200 square meter or 2,000 square meter?

3) How big is the warehouse?
No warehouse (Disposable warehouse) or 500 square meter or 5,000 square meter?

4) Do they have cars?
0 (taxi every day) or 1 or 2 or 3+ cars?
Why need cars? It is very very difficult to take a taxi in Yiwu. We use our company cars to:
1) Pick up from shanghai pudong airport, hangzhou xiaoshan airport, yiwu airport, yiwu train station to the hotel in yiwu.
2) Go to factories in shanghai, zhejiang province, jiangsu province, fujian provine, etc.
3) Send customers from hotel to market, market to hotel every day.

5) Are they registered in Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau?
Can they show you Business License No. , Organization Code Certificate No. , Tax Registration Certificate No. and Import & Export Enterprise Code?

Jack Wang (G.Manager)

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