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Yiwu Futian Market

From:Yiwu Commodity Market Update Time:01-24-2018

Yiwu Futian Market

Why Called "Futian Market"?

Futian market(福田市场, reads "fu-tee-an, sh-chon") is a local name for Yiwu International Trade Market. The location of this market is call "Futian", so it's called Futian Market.

"Futian" in Chinese, means"LAND OF HAPPINESS". This market indeed made lots of people happy. Well, it also made some people unhappy.

Yiwu Futian Market In General:

Till today, Yiwu Futian market is still the biggest hub in China for all sorts of small products. And probably, it's also the biggest one in the world.

This huge market complex is divided into 5 districts and each district has various sections. Each section is a complete market in itself for specific products.

The whole market is built in 3 times, so local people called it Phase one, Phase Two, and Phase Three. Phase one was open in 2002, Phase three (District 4 and District 5)was fully finished in 2011. For visitors, it's easier to remember different districts.

Everyday more than 50,000 people visit Futian Market, and the goods from this market are sold to over 140 countries.

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