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Yiwu City

Yiwu City

Situated in the core of Zhengjiang provience and 108km away from the capital(Hangzhou) , Yiwu city is named by crows.Possessing 7 street scenes and 6 towns,it is 1105 square kilometers.

In the year 222 BC, the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206 BC) set up a county here. At present, there is a county-level government of Zhejiang Province. Small as it is , but it lives up to the largest commodity market in China.

Beautiful Xiuhu Lake and cliffy Songpu Hill attracted a series of historic poets and scholars who could't help to express their appreciation of the city's beauty. Yiwu is also the hometown of a number of historic people from ancient times. For example, Luo Binwang - one of the great patriotic poets in Tang Dynasty (618-907), Zong Ze - the patriotic general of Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), Zhu Danxi - one of the four famous doctors of the Jin and Yuan dynasties as well as Chen Wangdao, Feng Xuefeng and Wu Han, all of them have made their contributions to the modern China. During your trip to this city, you will have chances to visit their hometowns which lie around Yiwu City.

Yiwu is renowned as a wholesale paradise for small commodities. The robust market which takes up a large area of the city should not be missed. A different kind of tour experience can be presented as it is a composite of shopping and tour.

If you would like to visit the city alone, convenient buses or taxies will take you to any corner of the city. By the way, it is easy for you to find some delicious local foods. In addition, foods from other regions of China and western food are available here. In order to cater to the city's prosperous economy and its urbanization, the city has enhanced a number of public facilities, including star-rated hotels, transportation and amusement places. You can access to the city from Xiaoshan Airport which is connected by frequent shuttle buses. Yiwu has prepared your visit for a long enough time.
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