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Yiwu Markets

Yiwu Markets

The biggest market in yiwu is Futian Market,also called International Trade City(ITC).The following is the specific information about it.In order to save your precious time,introduction will be brief as possible as i can.

Nowadays Yiwu has been the biggest entrepot for smallware in the world.It is ascertained as World's Largest Market by Unite States ,World Bank and other international authoritative organizations.Moreover,ITC is awarded as a four-star shopping tourist area by National Tourism Administration first.Therefore,"The Ocean of smallwares,the paradise of shoppers"
has become the synonym of prosperous and civilized Yiwu.

ITC is composed by 5 districts.Please let recommend them one by one.

District One has more than 9000 booths,its products including high-quality crafts,jewelry ,photo frame,etc.Of course,enterprises
come from home and abroad.

District Two possesses above 8000 booths and the construction area .Main commodities vary from suitcases to hardware tool,from locks to home appliance.

District Three owns 6000 standard booths .Products cover glasses,pens,office supplies,cusmetics ,and so on.

District Four has been the youngest and well-developed district of all.The district is greener and more environmental-friendly.Floor one is socks ,floor two textile,floor three shoes,ribbons,laces,ties,threads and towels,floor four bras,underwares,belts and shawls.

District Five lives up to the landmark of Yiwu transformation and upgrade.In the hall exhibition,it gathers 3000 kinds of distinctive goods from over 55 countries.You can easily find exotic feature products such as African ebony,Spanish olive oil ,Italian clothing brands,Indonesian arts and crafts.

Any further information we will update as sooon as possible.

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