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Yiwu Hotel

Yiwu Hotel

More than 200 hotels are scattered every corner in Yiwu,so it is hard for me to tell you which is the best.Of course,I will give you some hotels and their advantages.Hope you can find the one you love and which is fit for you.

No 1,Yiwu Tianhen International Hotel
Situated in Beiyuan Industrial Park and close to Hangjinqu Expressway,it is just 10 km away from the airport.Netizen give it a high mark.

No 2,Yiwu Sofitel Hotel

Situated in No 599, North Chouzhou Rd,the most prosperous business location and adjoined the biggest international trade city in Asia.
Netizen recommend Miss reception is very nice and breakfast is delicious.

No 3,Yiwu International Mansion

Situated in No 218, Bingwang Rd and next to Bingwang Market and Passenger Transportation Center.It is convenient for commuters.Net citizen think rooms are very clean and service is pretty good.

Any question please contact us . We can book it for you at lowest price based on agreements between our company and Yiwu hotels.
Kindly reminder: Hotels do not offer any discount during China Yiwu International Commodity Fair ( 21th October - 25th October). Some hotels may use original room prices from 18th October. So please contact us for detail prices before booking.
Thanks for your reading.
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